Alien Dice Day 28 06 05

I am grumpy with myself....  still working on getting caught up and keeping caught up and I think I have just erased my text progress. :(  - Tiff PS  Part of this is misplace my Office cds.  They're old, but I have been using Word forever for text so now I'm looking for something else to type up the text in.

4 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 28 06 05

  1. Have you thought about trying Open Office?

  2. It’s not fancy, but when I don’t want to use Word, I tend to find myself using Notepad…

  3. I’ll chime in with Colin on the suggestion; OpenOffice looks like classic Word (like, Word 2000 classic word, the pre-ribbon menu Word), and feels pretty close to it. I moved to it when having misplaced where I had my old install, 2 computers and many years ago, and haven’t really looked back.

  4. Notepads spell check leaves much to be desired.. 😛

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