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Alien Dice Day 28 06 15

7 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 28 06 15

  1. all caught up with no comics scheduled…
    I saw the twitter feed, so I won’t complain, especially since I can’t offer support, but…
    *flops sadly in a corner to wait*

  2. Win the battle and lose the war, eh?

    1. Lose to someone who will set him free? You know, like his brother…

      1. I don’t think they can do that given the exposition we were just given about the children and how “belonging” to another player was the only way they could be free. Of course, that could also be because they would need someone to look after them to be free, but…ehh…the way the narrative sounds, they’re not technically free and belong to Lex. Obviously, Lex isn’t going to force servitude on them or anything, and that may be the route they are considering for Riley to take. Lex wouldn’t be free on paper, but he would be free for all intents and purposes.

        1. Maybe because Lexx will be a free Dice player himself, he will have the ability to free any dice in his control?

        2. If that were the case, Trasik, as a free dice player, could release them. Unless, as I mentioned above, they need someone to look after them to avoid getting re-picked up as strays since they are still children.

      2. More like: Any and all registered dice belong to the game. They are not able to be set ‘free’. They will always return to the ADC unless they win their freedom. They are locked in. They can only go to players and those registered to the game. They become the person they belong to’s responsibility until they are sold/gifted/handed off to someone else who is registered with the game. Lexx can pass them off to Chel, but what they’re doing is a bit mean even though they mean well. They’re manipulating Lexx and he doesn’t take well to manipulation.

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