Lexx rolled the dice around in his hand. One was 20 sided, the other 6. He held them up to the sky, taking a long look at them, “We need to have a little chat.”
“Before I give you to Chel, I need to know I can trust you,” Lexx closed his eyes and let his thoughts drift immediately into the relay stream.
Golden light bathed Lexx’s mental persona. It was warm and inviting, colors that Lexx felt calm in. He stretched his abilities, but could not push it as far as that goofy human boy could. Lexx tried harder, but the sky remained a hazy cream color and the grass was a soft amber brown. Taller blades of grass surrounded the patch he was standing in, less defined. They stood still, while the grass around Lexx’s feet waved in a natural motion.
Why was this so hard? Lexx scowled at the grass, concentrating. That human had managed so much detail and Lexx could only manage this. How long had he had the relay? Years. And Keith? He was building whole worlds in a day.
It was frustrating.


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