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“I will miss Seelie, but he no longer needs me.”  Wavechaser rumbled as Lexx’s hand rested on her nose.  “I chose to go your Chel.”

A flood of imagery passed before Lexx’s eyes as he was given full and open access to all of Wavechaser’s memories.  It only took seconds, but he could see everything he wanted to.  Nothing was hidden about this dice or his master.

The skies of Litta were easy to identify with their violet hue.  There were nice homes, an obviously rich family and Seelie was the only child.  A solo born first and therefore a rare only child.  Lexx became far more interested in Seelie than Wavechaser when he caught on that there was a reason he was solo.

His mother was in an accident before he was born and lost Seelie’s siblings and could not have children after it.  The memories were personal, but Wavechaser allowed them to be viewed all the way up to just before the match, when Seelie said a tearful goodbye to his lifelong companion and guardian.  The entire conversation was there for Lexx to hear, things that Seelie would not have been able to say within a match.


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