Alien Dice Day 28 07 07

“All gifts are untouchable.”  Lexx smiled. “Precisely.”  Wavechaser stated.  “I will happily guard Chel with my life.”
Who knows what might happen in the case of Lexx losing.  This is just to remove a distraction/worry from Lexx.

2 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 28 07 07

  1. Are gifts untouchable technologically, by the bizarre rules of the game or the most straightforward rules of ownership?

    A free dice doesn’t have to listen to anything the network tells it, but this network has a lot of sentients-rights-abuses on its hands already, so one has to ask: Can the network “hack” a dice?

    1. All creatures created through the ADC are in the end, property of the ADC, however, those rights are suspended when a player has possession of a dice. They are untouchable unless the player dies or sells them to the ADC. Bonded creatures can not be controlled by exterior commands. They have a choice in if they want to obey or not and most are simple minded enough to 1. understand that they get fed and cared for if they do as they’re told and 2. they get punished if they don’t 3. the threat of going BACK to the ADC stock pens is terrifying to them if they’ve ever been there. Now, a little bit more on this: The ADC doesn’t CARE about regular animal bonded dice. They’re cheap, so most of the time they just ignore them, put them into auctions for black market bait or training purposes, or outright destroy them. They won’t bother picking them up if they go feral or are leftovers from a game. Used dice aren’t a valuable revenue stream. Indentured players are. The thought here is that if something goes wrong, the dice that are Lexx’s might be claimed as ‘trophies’ or something to auction off for higher prices than normal because they belong to Lexx. His dice haven’t even considered that possiblity. They think they’ll be ignored and left with Chel. This way, Chel WILL have a protective creature with her.

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