Alien Dice Day 28 07 07

Lexx was about to thank Wavechaser, when someone else interjected excitedly, “Me too!  Me too!”  Lexx and Wavechaser turned to face the newcomer to their conversation.
Someone else I'm going to enjoy drawing. :D  I realized when he got swatted that I was going to have to wait years before he showed up again... then remembered, oh yeah, this scene is going to need to be done! I'll be seeing my daughter off to Camp Moss on Sunday.  It's a special free camp for children with heart disease and we do our best to make sure she gets to go!  It's a big thing and we honestly couldn't afford to pay for her to go to any sort of camp otherwise.  This also means I'm going to have some free time next week to get stuff done!  - Tiff

2 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 28 07 07

  1. Yay I was hoping to see that die (or do you do the singular plural the same?) get a better home. His former master did not seem to be the type that cared for his dice.

  2. Me too! Wait… I’m not in the right universe. 😀

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