Alien Dice Day 28 07 08

The miniature form of the dice that Lexx had defeated in the prior battle bounced through the grass. He looked considerably happier, despite the still missing right wing. His black ears flopped wildly with each bounce. The dice stopped at Lexx’s feet and wriggled around like a puppy. “You weren’t a good opponent.” Lexx grimaced at the dice before him. He was beginning to rethink giving him to Chel. She would think he was adorable, but he might not be useful. He was lacking in the intimidation factor.

6 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 28 07 08

  1. Aww, is that the little guy who was reverted?

  2. Having issues with hubchat. I like the look and colors of Wavechaser and the other dice so cute.

  3. That doesn’t mean he can’t be a good ally…

  4. So damn cute!

  5. Silly boys really don’t understand girls if they think that a dice needs to be anything else besides adorable!

    1. I had to rephrase things a dozen times to avoid using the word adorable from Lexx’s POV. 😀

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