“I will give you to Chel when this match is over.” Lexx rose to his feet and glanced from Wavechaser to Crash. Wavechaser bobbed her head and gave a cheerful glance at Crash. Crash bounced up and down excitedly.
It faded away quickly as Lexx left the relay feed. He was making preparations that he didn’t want to be making. It felt like he was accepting that he could lose and by accepting that possibility, weakening his resolve. Lexx sighed and reminded himself that this was just in case. He was making preparations that he had control of to protect Chel.
He had control. Nobody was controlling him in the Gauntlet. He had to fight, but it was on his terms and his friends were helping him. Still, the unexpected could still happen and Lexx was aware that his friends probably did not have fully control over his opponents. At some point, the ADC would come in and manipulate things to their advantage and Lexx had to be prepared to face it.