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The box contained more clothes.

Chel dug around in it, pulling out strips of cloth that she wasn’t sure what were for.  She tossed them aside and removed a few larger articles of clothing, but nothing that she wanted to wear.  Grumbling that there was nothing in it, Chel leaned forward to push the box to one side.


Chel jumped as her name was called from the adjoining room.  She turned just as Maelinn appeared in the doorway carrying a small stack of golden orange fabric.

“Riley suggested I bring you something light to change into, unless you’ve found something.”  Maelinn offered cheerfully.

Chel  stared at Maelinn for a moment.  She was dressed in something that Chel would have been fine wearing.  It looked light and comfortable.  No frills.  No shiny bits.  It was a simple green outfit that looked nice and airey.  Chel glanced around the mess she had created by randomly tossing clothes around that didn’t meet her desires and felt her face immediately flush red with embarrassment.

Maelinn said nothing, simply smiling and waiting for Chel to reply.   Chel then became self conscious about her embarrassment and after another quick glance at the mess.