Whew… got them done.  The leak in our pipes has been fixed with minimal cost,… wiping out our savings so I’m a bit distracted with the need to work on books vs working on comics.  Text will hopefully be updated over the weekend.


Several minutes later, Chel followed Maelinn into a small room.  They had passed through unfinished hallways to get to it and Chel was startled to see that it was furnished with comfortable seating and well lit.  Zaile, Damian, Mauki, and a female Rishan Chel had not seen before were already seated and obviously in deep discussion over the relay.

Chel immediately entered the conversation.  One moment she was standing in the room, the next she was present in an undefined room filled with undulating shades of green.

“Lexx wants to remain on Earth.”  Chel  didn’t wait for anyone to say anything before making her statement.  She was annoyed that the meeting was going on in the first place, never mind the complete disregard for what Lexx wanted.

“We know he does, but there are safer places.”  It was the rishan Chel didn’t know who responded.  She smiled pleasantly at Chel, whereas the Damian and Mauki had troubled expressions on their faces, and Zaile just scowled in Chel’s direction.