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The Rishan turned to Chel, softening her expression, “Chel, the place we want to take Lexx is an entirely Rishan populated planet.”  She swept her hand out and as she did the surrounding area changed to an image of space.  Stars flashed out around Chel and then a round sphere appeared by the Rishan’s hand.  She waved her hand and it rotated, showing what appeared to be a small green planet with a shield encompassing it.  It wasn’t what Chel would have referred to as a planet, but more like a large chunk of rock with a space station wrapped around it.

“The ADC is banned from it. Lexx would be safe.”  The Rishan smiled at Chel again.

“You need to talk to Lexx.”  Chel stared at the slowly rotating sphere, unsure what to think of it.

“You can come too.”  The Rishan offered, still smiling.