Alien Dice Day 29 01 14

This time, got this one done and next week's updates done so I can get to the text over the weekend. :D  - Tiff Zaile hurried through several unfinished hallways.  The floors were smooth white rock, awaiting a new overlay and the lighting was available in patches here and there.  It was only temporary lighting until the full systems could be installed.  He marveled at the sheer number of tunnels branching off from the one he was following.  They were completely dark and cleared for future expansion.  Expansions that Zaile was certain would never happen. So much work had been done on this little island.  Their technology had quickly made the little mountain liveable and easy to escape from.  These tunnels led to numerous outlets into other parts of the island.  The one he was in let out into one of the many open balconies.  The rock had been cut away and used to create retractable walls.  If anyone came snooping around this island, every entrance and balcony could be sealed within minutes, giving it the look of untouched rock once again.  Nobody would know anyone had ever been here who didn’t already know. Zaile walked to the far edge of the balcony, placing his hand on the polished surface and squinting in the sunlight.  He emptied his mind of it’s jumbled thoughts and centered on the most pressing one. What have I done?  Zaile clenched his fists and focused his gaze onto the surrounding trees and bushes.  You’re saving your sister’s life.  Sacrificing Lexx for her is the only option.  His life is nothing.  I can save our sister.  The words rolled through Zaile’s thoughts.  He had repeated these things over and over, but it was getting harder to believe them and a draining pit was growing in his stomach and a sharp pain gripped his chest. Yet, I feel this pain stabbing me in the heart and I don’t know why.  A stinging warmth spread through his eyes.  He blinked, trying to retain control.

2 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 29 01 14

  1. …because you KNOW whoever you’re selling Lexx out to is lying and will not keep their word. Also, you aren’t a soulless ******* who deserves to be dragged out back and shot. That honor goes to the current head of ADC.

  2. “Hi. I’m your conscience. We don’t talk much lately…”

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