Alien Dice Day 29 02 05

“I thought she was just telling me a story.”  Lexx felt like a little kid again.  Memories of his father were faint.  He had seen them, searching his memories for happier moments when he was down.  Those memories always carried strong emotions, but they were old ones and what he was experiencing now made those memories even paler. “A male soul echo is rare, or is it?”  The rishan laid a warm hand on Lexx’s shoulder.  “I wouldn’t know.  I have not encountered another one in my entire existence.”  Lexx listened intently.  “I am a complex set of memories, the accumulation of all the memories of the first one passed on to his children.  As far as I know, I am passed on to all of his children and continue to be passed on with accumulated knowledge to each child.” “So you have my father’s memories up until I was conceived?”  Lexx wanted that validation.  He was truly speaking to his father, and more than that.  It didn’t matter that he was only in his mind, he WAS his father. “Smart boy, yes, that is precisely it.”  The approval mirrored in his eyes made Lexx want to retreat into the safety of a childhood he barely lived in.  Momentarily, he wanted nothing more than to stay here and be with his father.

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  1. Lexx, I am your fathers!

    Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

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