Alien Dice Day 29 02 06

The moment passed as realization washed over Lexx. “You have been here the entire time?” Lexx muttered, more to himself than his fathers. “Why didn’t you show yourself when I needed you?” His voice rose with a growing fury. The entire time. He had been there, watching Lexx going through all of the horrors of the past years. ------------------------------------ If you are seeing pop up ads, please install a pop up blocker.  I do not allow those types of ads and if I didn't really need the revenue, would strip the ads down again.  Basically, if you see a pop up ad, I'm NOT being paid for it so block away.  The only way I can stop them is by removing the ads they're hijacking and I don't know which ones are doing it.  - Tiff

6 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 29 02 06

  1. Perhaps if a couple of us were to check in off and on we might be able to figure out which ones are popping?

    1. Typically, these ads aren’t allowed by the publisher either and are snuck in. :/ They tend to go off at odd times of the day and randomly. Very hard to track down.

      1. So the publishers blocking software has been compromised that’s going to take tracking and a hotfix from the publishers. Pain for you. I was kind of hopeing it was something we could help you with.

        1. That’s part of why I really hate the ads right now. 🙁 I learned a long time ago that it’s next to impossible to find and stop these. They eventually go away for a time. I block all popups myself all over the internet. There’s never anything good in a popup. 😀

  2. My ‘AdBlock Plus’ count is 18 – and nobody ever tries to serve up the “Safe Ads” that don’t pop or scream or flash or try to serve up malware or fake “This is Windows calling…” I leave that on in case you want to try serving through that “Acceptable Ads Initiative” –

    1. Weird. There are only three ads and none of them have sound or flash or anything. They’re typically just my static ads. It’s probably blocking everything that has ad in it.

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