Serenity approached Chel, her head low and at eye level should the girl look up. Serenity followed and stepped aside to let Serenity work her ability on Chel and settle her emotions.
Serenity slid her muzzle down against Chel’s cheek, nuzzling her gently. Chel sighed and ran her hands through Serenity’s soft fur, leaning against her head.
“The relay gives me away, doesn’t it?” Chel sniffled.
“No.” Sirius rumbled softly. “Serenity is empathic and she’s tuned to you.” He avoided letting on that in his case, the relay did clue him in once he was nearby, but it was Serenity who had nudged him into joining her from afar.
“And you make me feel better.” Chel grimaced, burying her face into Serenity’s forehead.
“I give you clarity and peach when I’m near.” Serenity smiled, happy to help in that way.
“Please stop, Serenity.” Chel leaned back, a hand on either side of Serenity’s head, fingers twining into her long cheek fur.