“It was just the thought of them taking Lexx away when he doesn’t want to go.” Chel leaned her head against her right hand. “I feel so helpless.”
It wasn’t right. Lexx should be able to choose what he wanted to do with his own life. Chel wanted that for him more than anything. He deserved a choice.
Sirius and Serenity smiled at each other, bobbed their heads, then turned back to Chel, eager to give her encouragement.
“There’s always someone deciding things for us.” Sirius began. “We’re considered lower life forms, unable to make decisions for ourselves, but we do. We decide to listen and obey, … or not.”
“Someone can make a decision for Lexx,” chuckled Serenity. “But that doesn’t mean he has to let it happen.” Chel stared at them. What they had said made a lot of sense. Yes, others could plot things behind Lexx’s back, but they couldn’t force him to go along with it unless he wanted to. She couldn’t help but feel that Lexx would have something to say about it and would get further than she would in the actual event.