Chel ran into her parents first and explained the situation to them. They listened but didn’t have anything to offer other than what Chel had already decided. She needed to tell Lexx.

Meanwhile, Keith was stuck in a room being interrogated by Chill. The ice girl was enthusiastic and made Keith uncomfortable with her lack of personal space. Her fingertips could freeze skin on contact. Her close presence was like standing in front of an open freezer.
She wasn’t unpleasant, just so spontaneous that Keith doubted her control. He was worried she might touch him and give him freezer burn.

Riley was surprised to find Lexx actually asleep in the grass. He frowned for a moment, realizing that Lexx was tired and vulnerable. It wasn’t like him to be so relaxed. A mental nudge across the relay was enough to confirm that Lexx was deep asleep. The smile plastered across Lexx’s face kept Riley from probing into what he was dreaming about. He didn’t want to end up wandering into something sensitive to Lexx. Riley did have boundaries.