Mel gave Chel an affectionate pat on the knee and got up to leave. Victor was slower in moving, weighing how far he wanted to push things. Mel kicked him in the leg and gave him a dirty look. Reluctantly, Victor got up and slowly stalked past Lexx with Mel right behind him.
“We’ll be in the next room, Chel.” Victor stared directly into Lexx’s eyes as he walked past. Lexx met his gaze for a moment, long enough to make it be known that he wasn’t going to be intimidated. He wasn’t trying to be defiant.
“I need to tell you something important too,” Chel spoke up, giving Lexx the excuse he needed to quickly look away.
Vic dragged his feet for a moment, then Mel gave him a firm shove from behind to make him walk. He grumbled and left the room with his wife. That boy needed help, but he was dangerous at the same time.
Lexx joined Chel on the couch. She scooted over to one side, giving him room to sit and not have to cram his wings into her. Lexx leaned back and smiled at Chel. She smiled back, inching closer to him. For the moment, neither of them were thinking about what it was they needed to say, just that they were together and alone. Mostly.