“I won these dice.” Lexx broke the kiss in the real world and brought out the two dice he had won. “I’m giving them to you, Chel.” He thrust his hand awkwardly at Chel and she held her own out to catch the dice in reflex as they rolled out of Lexx’s open palm.
“What am I going to do with them?” Chel gripped the two dice to her chest. They were a gift fro Lexx, but were they a gift she wanted?
“Whatever you want to.” Lexx spoke to her over the relay, “The blue dice is Wavechaser. The black dice did not give me his name.”
“I don’t need pets, Lexx.” Chel protested back over the relay.
“They aren’t pets. They’re bodyguards,” insisted Lexx.

Well, I’m back on schedule with the updates in general.  Still playing catchup, but almost there!  – Tiff