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Alien Dice Day 29 03 09

“Bodyguards?” Chel’s startled reaction flooded Lexx’s relay with a shade of worried green. The calm golden lights around them trembled and fled. This was not what Lexx hand intended. “Just in case. Wavechaser is available now if you need her. The other may take some time.” Lexx attempted to soothe Chel. “Ok,” Chel answered outside the relay, gripping the dice in her hand. Then she recalled that she still had to tell Lexx about the meeting and everyone else’s intentions. “Lexx, I was just in a discussion with Zaile, Mauki, Damian, and another Rishan and they want to take you to a safe place when the gauntlet is over.” The words spilled out of Chel’s mouth over the relay and Lexx’s happy expression slipped into a startled grimace.

2 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 29 03 09

  1. The expressions are awesome! I cant believe I gave this up 6 or so years ago. I guess I *gasp* matured……or something >_>

    PS, I often alternate between Xade and InsaneXade as my name, depends on my mood. I forget what I used before and I’m on my new laptop so :P.

  2. you gave it up I pretty much forgot, but it sure is worth coming back, isn’t it?

    *gets distracted by Lexx’s eyes* o.o can’t stop looking at purdy eyes…

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