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Alien Dice Day 29 05 17

10 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 29 05 17

  1. Ok, seriously, why is “their” bold?

    1. Makes more sense if read a bit slower. “He *stopped. their.* hearts.” Most emphasis on the ‘stopped,’ secondary on ‘their.’ Said with a bit of reluctance at revealing the information but acknowledging the power. The sentence just tapers off on the emphasis naturally.

  2. Yeah… Chell is probably not going to take this news well…

    1. Ack. Mistyped my email. Blah…

  3. And somewhere, someone’s bet on “panick button/stop the other Dice’ hearts” pays out, and people either cheer or boo the death of the Dice.

  4. I don’t know why she would be surprised. She witnessed him use STOP before. So why is this surprising? She watched him kill before. The game is cruel and she’s been here with him the whole time. I’m kind of surprised at her reaction actually.

    1. She wasn’t on the ship when he used it. Her dad saw it.

      1. No, wait. She did! He used Stop on the Master Class Dice’s lungs. She was watching with Riley, wasn’t she?

        1. Didn’t that one play out a bit differently, though? As I remember, he had to spend some time using “Charge” to make it strong enough to work first.

        2. You are correct, which I admit that I forgot, however, since Lexx has had all of his abilities unlocked, I’m just saying this was an upgrade he would have gotten at his top level. At the same time, it also confirms to me that he only did this once before, on the ship on the way to rescue Chel and because I don’t like this particular ability, because it’s a ‘god’ ability, you may never see him use it again.

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