Alien Dice Day 29 06

7 thoughts on “Alien Dice Day 29 06

  1. His.Wings. O.O

    1. I do not even want to imagine having to draw those wings over and over and over and over again. 😀 Lexx no longer has wings unless he wants them.

  2. I’ve caught up D:

    Started reading this two days ago and I get obsessed if something is interesting enough. I have two questions, though:
    1) Have you considered putting the AD rules into text? Like how the number of sides a die has is determined, how modifiers are distributed, etc…
    2) What exactly is “faking a surge”? Does he have to do this instead of actually rolling a new side because of what the Architects granted him?

    1. I believe some of them are in the wiki, others are just not written, because they aren’t really that important and I don’t want to. 😀 AKA, I’m too busy to get to it or think about it. 🙁
      As for two, faking it would be to pretend like he’s going up a level, exactly as you figured out! 😀

      1. Two (because it’s shorter): I get it now. It was just a casual new piece of lingo that I thought I may have missed the introduction of.

        One: I didn’t know there was a wiki, I’ll have to check it out. Since I’m studying to be a game designer, I like to learn the hows and whatfors of games. For non-academy-raised players, AD seems mildly pay-to-win (which is fine because real world analogues are, too. Take horse or dog racing for example.) with a strategic check and balance (You can buy all the most expensive dice but if you can’t command them well, well…). My main question is this: when a creature is bound to a die, does the person doing the binding get to pick which die to use? i.e. If I had two tigers, could I bind one to a six-sided die and the other to a twenty-sided die? I mean, it seems like the more sides a die has the more room it has to grow. Sub-question: would the two resulting dice be the same (i.e. both be Dash)?

        Additionally, I’ve realized that a die having more sides is both a blessing and a curse; blessing because it can grow stronger, curse because if it’s on its highest side and gets reverted… It’s a long way back to the top. My personal strategy would be to have an ideal Hearthstone mana curve, with dice sides corresponding to mana cost: more little guys, one or two finishers.

        1. Haha! 😀 For one: Yes, the person doing the binding can pick which die is used. They can buy blank dice and an animal they want to modify – such as a pet – and contain it so that it is the closest living creature to that die. And nope, the two bonded creatures would be VERY different, depending on the level they initially roll. They might start out differently, but a top leveled 6 would be a bit more powerful than a level 6 out of a 20 – modifiers would have to be used strategically. A level 7 out of a 20 would overpower a top leveled 6, but the 6 could possibly hold its own with modifiers. And yes, if a dice is reverted at a high level, it would be difficult to use it for higher level. This is to encourage fewer fights to knock out.

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