I’m incredibly distracted at the moment.  Quinn was spayed on Monday, had an awful reaction to the shaving involved and didn’t give me any sleep, because she was so upset and so itchy, then she decided this whole cone thing was not going to fly and thought it would be fun to jump into our bed and whirl around.  Got that addressed on Tuesday and after she got into bed again, she was banished to her crate for the night.  Someone hasn’t been letting me sleep at night. 😀  Today is looking up! I REMEMBERED TO UPLOAD these pages after finishing them on Tuesday evening.

Oh and my library has a 3D printer, laser cutter, AND an engraver. 😀  I’m going to teach myself blender!!  More likely, going to crate some 3D designs out of 2D lineart.

Next week’s update IS done and I will upload it to go into the queue in a few minutes.


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