This is the third time I’ve done this. I KNOW.
That’s why the first volume shouldn’t have anything new and important in it… or I’m just not going to TELL you there’s anything new or important in it, because it’s just not important enough to need to buy it. 😀 This is just for consistency. I almost had an anxiety attack just dealing with the fact that the comic pages and the text were not lining up anywhere near each other – then I realized how to use my publisher software. 9.9 There were things I had NOT done when I tried to compile these pages the last time and showed pictures. Somehow, those files were completely LOST! And a good thing they were, because now I can just plop the image right into the text that automatically fills page to page and format it AROUND THE IMAGE!!! This is so much easier! I am going to need to fix a few things here and there where there’s a massive gap due to justification. 😀 I just need to adjust some settings.

Day one will be in volume 1 and I’m shooting for 8 x 10 in size. The size will go to 7 x 10 to match my other books when my page sizes become consistent. These are soooo ooooold. The primary purpose of these collections will be to make the PDFs available for easier collecting.

I will be doing a kickstarter for Volume 2 and part of that kickstarter will be this: There will be a page of support in the book acknowledging supporters for a very important reason, other than it’s important. I’m not shipping things overseas without a special arrangement. I’ve recently found out that it’s pretty much impossible to ship to Germany at this time, due to changing regulations that require the sender to dispose of the packaging stuff is sent in. Let that sink in. You have to be a member of a special group and it pretty much shuts out small stores. I know I have a lot of supporters in Germany. 🙁 One of the reasons I chose Amazon to ship through is because it would cost less to print and ship books doing it through their services in other countries. I chose Amazon, so people in other countries would pay less for shipping, just their normal shipping rates by ordering through their Amazon branches. I could use some choice words here on how I feel about Amazon’s forced pricing structure, so just note: I’m only making change on books I sell overseas via Amazon.

I am not redoing art – well, I’m going to reink this one intro page. 😀 I AM rewriting some of the text and deleting a few bits here and there where I’ve made redundant statements. When I wrote them, I was writing page by page and not in a continuous stream of writing at the start. I am placing the comic pages like they’re in their own little book in the middle of a written book so you can choose to just read the comic pages somedays or just the text, or take your time and read both. I made sure there’s spacing in between the lines this time, following the rules of novels and not the rules of trying to reduce pages.

I am doing a black and white version that doesn’t contain the comics, but it won’t be ready until likely when I finish book 2.

This… isn’t actually going to take a ton of time! I’ve already done the majority of the work on the base files!

Once I get book 1 done, and then book 2, the rest of the books will probably fall more frequently.

– Tiff