Fly squealed as Stealth slapped him to the ground.  That was a bit rough, but she didn’t have her claws extended fully.  He got a few small scratches, but not enough to severely hurt him.  Fly squirmed about frantically and managed to evade another touch of Stealth’s paws.  She struck at him repeatedly, trying to pin down the writhing length of tail and body that was somewhere amidst it, but just couldn’t get a good hold of him.  His fur was too slick and his body too streamlined.

The squirrel leapt ahead, deciding it might be easier to just run and look for a place to hide than put himself in a vulnerable position again.  Stealth was not going to give up and her last attempt at him had been with her jaws.

Chel was only to the gate by the time Stealth and Fly were nearing the end of the alley.  She could barely see them in the dark.  “Fly!!  Stealth!!  Stop!!”  Chel shouted after them, hoping that they might listen.  Drift bounced around her feet, not bothering to say anything. He was more intent on following the pair just in case Lexx had questions later.

‘Nononono!  Please, nobody see them!!’  Chel let go of the gate and ran down the alley,… her mind only on keeping the dice from being seen.  It didn’t matter that she was running down a dark alley,… in the middle of the night,… in a nightgown.  It was more important to keep the dice from getting captured by someone other than Lexx.