Then, it hit him.  It would be best to have the one who caused the problem tell Chel about it.  “Would you mind bringing Stealth’s dice in here and rolling her?”  Lexx leaned against the couch, withdrawing his hand and smiling slightly.  He was nervous.  “She’s ready and I know how much she hates being in dice form.”

“Okay!”  Chel grinned, grateful that the conversation had stopped right there.  She bounced up from the chair with a familiar giddiness that only displayed itself when she was in an uncomfortable situation.

‘I’m confused…’  Lexx leaned on the couch again.  ‘Everything is so overwhelming.  I never slowed down enough in the past to really notice everything going on around me.  The world moved and I moved with it as I was directed.  The only one I really paid attention to was myself,… if anyone.  Now,… time is like a vise.  I need to get this all done and over with.  And most importantly,… I just need to tell Chel.”

He sighed and closed his eyes, ‘Everything.’  This was difficult.  He didn’t know how Chel would react. The most important thing he had to tell her was about the relay.  Once that was out of the way,… it would open the door for everything else.

Lexx’s stomach tied up in a painful knot.  The thought that she might leave and never want anything to do with him was wedged firmly among his thoughts.  That is what had kept him from saying anything before.