Chel scooped up the kitten in her arms, trying to comfort her, “Come on, Stealth.  It’s not that bad. You’ll be back to your old self in a few days, right?”  It felt funny to say that, since to Chel,… Stealth’s old self would be Mittens, not the large lion-like creature she would become.

“But I’m so,…”  Stealth squirmed in protest for only a moment, then let out another wail, “Small!!!”  Chel squeezed the kitten gently, immediately bringing a purr from her.  Stealth suddenly realized that like this, she was once again a size that Chel could hold.  ‘Being smaller does have its advantages…’  Stealth purred to herself, relaxing.

She only had a moment.  Lexx walked up upon Stealth in the relay. ‘Stealth.’  He grated through clenched teeth, wanting to get across just how much he meant what he was about to say, “Don’t you have something to tell Chel?”

“Thank you?”  Stealth tilted her head in a cocky feline manner, turning to sit with her back to Lexx.  She knew exactly what Lexx wanted.

“No, the other thing,”  Lexx stood behind the kitten.

“What other thing?”  spoke the cat in an annoyingly innocent tone.

“You know.”

“No I don’t,” Stealth glowered.