Chel flipped the switch to open the garage door. She hated driving the family van, but was grateful she had to.  Trying to fit Stealth into one of her parents’ cars would have been very difficult and she didn’t have a car of her own.  Chel’s parents figured that while she was in college, she really didn’t need one,… but had promised to give her one of theirs when she was a senior.

With Kalvin and a reluctant Andrea’s help, they managed to get Stealth onto a blanket so they could carry her to the van.  They put her in the back of the van with the backseat folded down.  Chel handed Andrea the cell phone she’d barely remembered to grab off the kitchen counter.  “Call Dr. Hobbes, tell her we have an emergency with Mittens.”

Andrea gave her older sister a funny look, quickly getting into the passenger’s seat.  Kalvin was already in the back, looking over the seat at Stealth.  She wasn’t moving, content to lay on the blanket.

“Chel,”  Andrea opened the phone while Chel got into the driver’s seat and quickly buckled her seatbelt.  “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

Fly scrambled from the back of the van, under the first seat and then up onto the dashboard in front of Andrea.

“Just call the vet, Andrea!”  Chel snapped, sliding the keys into the ignition.

“Chel!”  Fly glanced nervously out the windshield, “I keep trying to tell-”

“Shut up, Fly!”  exclaimed Chel.  The squirrel had been underfoot the entire time, making himself a nuisance.

Fly swiveled his ears back at the rise in Chel’s voice.  He laid down and made an odd noise that sounded suspiciously like a sniffle.  He had something important to say, but in trying to, he was just making Chel mad at him.  He really didn’t want that.  He would just be quiet.