Fifteen minutes later, Chel pulled the van up in the driveway to the Animal Hospital.  She didn’t bother parking.  It was more important to get Stealth out of the van. Stealth had similar ideas. The moment the door opened she jumped out of the back, staggered and growled. She was lightheaded and confused, but standing.

Chel pulled the blanket out of the back of the van and threw it over the cat, just in case someone drove by.  Andrea and Kalvin were quickly standing by to help.

“Where am I?”  Stealth glanced around nervously.  She was unsure of this place that smelled of animals and medicines.  Her ears were pressed back against her head and tails twitching uncontrollably.

“It’s ok, Stealth,.. come this way,”  Chel encouraged Stealth to follow her.  With a sigh, the cat did so, limping and staggering a bit.  Kalvin and Andrea walked on each side of her to keep her from falling down.

Dr. Hobbes was in the waiting room, checking her watch and sighing at the time.  Still, it was an emergency and she was on call tonight.  Then, she noticed what was walking toward the doors. That,… was not a cat. Dr. Hobbes blinked and rubbed her eyes, wondering if she was still asleep.

“It’s not that much further, Stealth, Dr. Hobbes will be able to take care of you,”  Chel was talking to the moving blanket.  “Dr. Hobbes!”  Chel looked up and noticed the vet standing in the window.