A dozen humans witnessed the ship landing in shock and wonder. Phones were immediately pulled out and blurry photos and short recordings were immediately posted of the ship as it hovered in the middle of a field. Landing gear extended to hold the ship up followed by a larger ramp that extended from the center of the ship.
In mere moments, the world as it was known changed as links to the footage were spread throughout the internet and all over the world. There was no stopping what was happening and the two aliens who walked down the ramp had no idea what they triggered.
Korbaen cheerfully strode down the ramp, arms in the air without a concern in the world for what he was doing as long as he was free of his previous life. There were only a few humans, but he was confident that he just had to wait for the officials to come to him.
“We’re unarmed and seeking asylum!” Korbaen announced.
“This is not a good idea, Korbaen!” Kane hissed, hesitantly standing at the top of the ramp. She wasn’t sure she wanted to follow him, but her options had been severely limited.

YEs, yes.. I know I mispelled his name. There was a glitch in my handwriting to text translation and since Korbaen is a new character, I forgot the spelling. 9.9 Will be fixed.