“I told you to go if you want.” Korbaen waved dismissively at Kane as he stepped into the grass. “Go on. Destroy your brother’s life. Have fun.”
“Do you really think it will be better here?” Kane went as far as the foot of the ramp, ready to retreat inside at the first sign of trouble.
“You tell me. Maybe I’ll find a cute little human girl with weird hair who worships the ground I walk on.” Korbaen stared at his feet, pushing the toe of his shoe into the lush green grass. He had seen plenty of grass before, but this was different. Kane folded her arms and stared at Korbaen’s back. “You tell me, you’re still here.”
Kane frowned, unsure of what to say.
“You’re all the same, pushy backstabbers, selfishly pursuing what you want. %$#@&!!” Korbaen dropped to one knee, running his fingers through the tops of the grass as he spoke.