Chel stared at the objects on the desk in front of her.  The dataplate, bloodstone and a small blue photo album with a few pictures of space and Lexx hidden behind other photos.

In her hands, she had a hammer.  She was lightly tapping the head of the hammer in the palm of her hand, contemplating.  These were the items which she would have to explain if they were found.  She could burn the photos,… but she really wanted to keep them.  How to explain them?  Don’t let them get found in the first place.

Kip flew into the room lazily, until he took in the scene.  His logic circuits were buzzing.  It appeared that Chel was about to destroy the plate, his ‘home’.  He could still function for awhile without it, but it WAS a part of him.

“What are you DOING, Chel?!”  Kip flew around Chel’s head then he landed on the desk.

“I’m considering… I need to get rid of every bit of evidence that I can,” shrugged Chel.  She didn’t really need to explain herself to a little computer program, but it felt good to talk.

“Even me?!”  The terror in Kip’s little voice was evident.

“Yes.  Especially you.”  Chel ignored it.  He was a program, a little piece of hardware with artificial intelligence.

“But… I’ve been good!  I’ve tried!!”  Kip bounced up and down in agitation, the twin tails of his hair moving about wildly.  He was truly upset and it was starting to bother Chel.  “No!!  Please don’t!”  Kip hovered in front of Chel’s face to be at her eye level while he pled for his life, “I won’t be any trouble!  Don’t break the plate!”