“My dad was a man of action … he also died when I was a child because he made foolish wagers.” Damian had a difficult time fully understanding what Riley had said. Littans were known for their caution, Sairah, not so much. “You’re lucky to have both of your parents.” His mind wandered home. His father had been a gambler and had done well, but it was his mother who managed his earnings and made it into a fortune. Gambling could be a risky proposition in space and Damian’s father, no matter how much his wife persisted, could not step away from it. He won a particularly tricky wager that did not go well with those he won against and had been ejected out of an air lock.
“They’re so busy, I might as well not have any.” Riley’s statement somewhat annoyed Damian. Riley at least had both of his parents.
“Before or after you left home?” Damian verbally poked at Riley.