“We can’t do anything for them right now, Chel.”  Riley took Chel by the arm and pulled her gently, at first, toward their escape passage.  “You need to come with me so we can get you and Lexx far away from here.”

“But they could be killed!”  Chel tried to pull away, but Riley suddenly wrapped his arm around her and dragged her into the passage.

“Chel.  Be reasonable.  We’re leaving.”  Riley grabbed for the door latch to pull the door closed behind him as he stepped backward into the passage to join Caillem and Stealth.

“Riley!  Put me down!!”  Chel protested, but not too loudly.  She had not forgotten there were guards outside and had no desire to bring them running in.  She wanted to help the kids, but she couldn’t do it if she was still being held by Trasik.