Nearby, Trasik hurriedly walked through the arching stone gateway of a large courtyard.  The first thing she saw were two towering dice, that were not hers, scratching up the ground with their huge lumbering feet.  Near them were several large piles of dung, fresh enough to still be steaming and stinking.

Trasik looked to their owners with a wild anger, fixating immediately on two figures standing nearby with dumb smiles on their blank faces.  Claudia and Damian.  They were dressed finely, as though they were on their way to a party.

“How dare you allow your dice to soil my courtyard!!”  Trasik flew into a screeching rage.

“They had to go and we were in the area.”  Damian smiled innocently.

“Where’s Lexx?”  Trasik glanced around in agitation.  “He’s supposed to be here.”

“He had business to attend to.  We’re filling in.”  Claudia added cheerfully.