Then they came for him.  Lexx’s distraction cost him as the sound of tentacles purposely whipping toward him brought him back to the moment.  Lexx pushed up effortlessly with his legs, propelling himself straight up barely in time to avoid the second dice as it landed with a snarl where he had been.  It swung its head up, maw open and snapped at Lexx’s feet.

Lexx beat his wings awkwardly in a frantic effort to stabilize himself, trying to remember exactly how  he could fly.  Lift didn’t rely on his wings at all, but going straight up or down was not good enough if Lexx couldn’t get his body to go in the direction he needed it to move in, and for that, he needed his wings.

One lucky tentacle caught Lexx by the leg and took advantage of his instability.  Lexx rolled in the air with a startled yell and suddenly there were tentacles sliding ups his legs, winding tightly around his waist and then looping over his arms.

Lexx finally got his wings under control to flap and pulled as hard as he could, but the mass of muscular coils wrapping around his body were too strong and not giving him any room to move.