Then, the dice did exactly as Lexx wanted, only not in a way that benefitted his escape.  The creature’s neck arced and the head went down, close to it’s chest so that the heavily clawed forelegs could reach Lexx’s body.  Claws raked over his legs, ripping through his pants and drawing blood.  The second set of caws slashed down immediately following the first and those did the damage that Lexx feared most, ripping into deep muscle on his left leg.

Lexx managed to squirm just out of reach of the right set of foreclaws.  The tip of one of them only caught the back of his head.  Lexx got one hand underneath him and pushed back up into the creature’s mouth for a better hold.  Finally he got a good hold of its upper jaw and pushed with all his strength.

The dice made a gurgling screeching noise and swung its head up, tossing Lexx off balance again, just enough for one of the scissor sharp side pincers to slide over the thin strip of shoulder armor and catch Lexx’s shoulder.  He was wedged just right for the pincer to cut deep.  Blood sprayed from the new shoulder wound and Lexx’s left arm lost its hold completely, which was the only thing that kept him from losing it entirely.

Lexx’s vision suddenly went black and his head swam as he was flung into the air.  He was free of the creature, but he had already acknowledged a simple fact.

He wasn’t getting up this time.