“He lost.  Lexx lost.”  Damian whispered sadly, unable to find any other words.  Chel stared, wishing someone would do something, anything!  They were all just standing there, watching.  She was just watching.  She couldn’t keep watching.   No.   The word ran through her head repeatedly.  This couldn’t be happening.

“Do you give up, Shira Lexx?”  Trasik grabbed a hand full of Lexx’s hair and jerked him into a more upright position.

Lexx clenched his teeth against the additional pains shooting up his body at being moved.  He wheezed, trying to get a breath, even though his chest was on fire.  The thought passed through Lexx’s mind that if he didn’t answer, he might just bleed to death.  It was a silly notion.  He knew the nanites were already at work.  They had stopped all the bleeding and were rapidly working on fixing the most serious damage to his chest and lungs.  Then, he weakened and without thinking about it, reached out to Chel.  He caught himself before he made a full connection, but it was done.

Chel felt his pain and the call for help behind it.  Her legs moved without thinking and she ran.  She had no idea what she was going to do, but she wasn’t going to let this happen.