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Day 24 Part 3

Trasik looked down to see the large point of the spear jutting out of her body and blinked.  That wasn’t supposed to be there.  She let Lexx go and he fell back with a sharp gasp, catching a brief glimpse of what had just happened before he struck the ground again and was forced to shut his eyes against the pain. Chel’s hands trembled and slid down the shaft of the spear.  The spear should have stopped when it hit Trasik’s chest plate.  Chel stared at Trasik’s back, the shock of what she had just done freezing her in the moment.  It wasn’t possible.  It was unreal.  Chel’s hands slipped off the spear and her gaze fixated on Lexx, shifting her attention fully away from Trasik.  She didn’t want to think about Trasik.

73 thoughts on “Day 24 Part 3

  1. Huh.

    You know, I figured I would feel something when this happened. I mean, I’m not exactly a pacifist, I was one of the one’s crying for Trasik’s blood. I figured when she finally got what was coming, I’d be estatic. Throw a party, dance on the corpse, etc.

    Instead, I just feel a little tired. I think Chel did the right thing here – Trasik was a monster in more ways than one. It’s just… I know this isn’t the end of it. There’s going to be a whole universe of trouble over this, and most of the other monsters out there aren’t dumb enough to stand in stabbing range.

  2. Some just desserts for an awful person.

    Now, Chel, while everyone is distracted by Trasik bleeding out grab Lexx and make a break for it!

    The only pity I have is for Reily. As much of a monster Trasik is, she is still his sister. That has to count for something.

    1. Yeah, I’ll cry for Riley’s feelings… 🙁 … even though she did have it coming to her.

      Now, as for Chel… “RUN CHEL, RUN!!! JUST GRAB Lexx AND RUN!!!”

  3. Wait. “Chest plate?” I don’t know what she was expecting to happen, but attempting to hit anything on her chest from the back is plenty fatal either way.

    1. Rishans have an armorlike bone plate covering the chest and abdomen – this was referenced once by Lexx saying “I’m not going to bust my knuckles on your chestplate” (paraphrased) when Riley was trying to goad him into beating up on him to vent anger. the absence of the resistance of a bone plate in Trasik’s chest brings up Plot Twist Questions

      1. erm. Littan.

      2. Oh, I guessed that it was an anatomical feature, but I’m just not sure what good a /chest/ plate is supposed to do about a spear through the back.

        1. It’s actually designed to protect the front of the body and the internal organs from falls and impacts. The Littan come from an arboreal environment where swinging through treetops was not uncommon.

          But yeah, “Spear Charge” plus “Adrenaline Boost” equals “Impalement”.

        2. Keyword: “front” of the body.

  4. Steel VS bone = high margin for error …weighted steel has a higher chance to cut through, but if Chel used the blunt end VS head then it might have TKOed traski. Chel was under a lot of stress, 99% of it caused by Traski, I could say much more but in short Traski asked for it (without knowing I will add …arrogance is a cruel mistress).
    As Karma goes, it has come full circle for Traski but I can understand Chel’s train of thought. The thicker chest would have really hurt Traski but now Traski’s life is on the line.

  5. My theory is just that she is an imposter or hologramme or something like that.

  6. I never thought Chel would be a murderer. That was certainly an unexpected plot twist. I had thought the spear on the chapter cover was more metaphorical than anything.

    1. I also imagine that even if Trasik doesn’t die, Chel’s attempted murder is going to have major repercussions. I think that neither the government nor Riley’s parents are going to be happy.

      Hmmm, I need to reread this whole comic because I can’t remember much about whatever government enforces space laws.

      1. Whatever government there is isn’t doing a very good job if they’re turning a blind eye to a massive public child slavery ring, one which broadcasts its activities to all corners of the universe. Unfortunately for Chel, however, Trasik is a rich heiress, and will no doubt get the best justice money can buy.

  7. In a world where healing nanotech and nanites circulating in the blood exist, I think turning your attention away from Trasik is a mistake. A better option would be poking her with that spear a few more times.

    1. AGREED!!!
      But healing nano-machines are not used in people unless they are slaves and dice (to prevent suicide). Lexx stated in a dream that nanites are used for pit beasts.

      1. Except that doesn’t make ANY g-d sense. If you have the technology for spontaneous organ growth, then not using it for medical purposes on people (at least on those who can afford it) is insane.

        Let me rephrase. This technology is functional immortality. If you can grow new, designer body structures, you can keep a body healthy and fit in the face of nearly any damage and leave the wear and tear of aging in the dust-bin of history. The social and economic implications of this are /enormous/, and the idea that someone of Trasik’s obvious wealth wouldn’t indulge in it suggests a society that is basically running on stupid pills.

        1. Oh… it’s about to make a lot of sense. It’s funny that I actually already have a large amount of detail that must be revealed to answer these very things.

        2. That’s good because I can think of a ton of arguments that would restrict the use of ‘healing’ nanites (Lexx’s brand of ‘healing’ nanites) to only animals.
          Let us not forget the issue with cloned tissue (namely rapid aging), those nano-machines do keep someone in ‘good physical’ health but at what other costs.

        3. @MadMann135: I’d love to hear those arguments, rather than about them, because I’m not seeing any trade-offs that are worse than dying by accident or violence.

        4. @ Valdrax
          First: Mental well being, namely who is to say that the long term effects are beneficial to one’s state of mind.
          Second: There is always a shut off switch, who is to say that will stay in the right hands.
          Third: Faulty programming/hacking. It would suck if the nanites were to turn on their host.
          Fourth: Said nanites have little consideration for the raw materials that are used for recovery. It would really suck if your brain matter was used to heal a cut.
          Fifth: Nanites are foreign, the body might notice them and treat them as an invader
          Sixth: The body could become dependent upon the nanites, making the removal of them deadly to the host.

          There are more, Knowing Tiff she has all the arguments as she designed them for the comic.

        5. Indeeeeeeeeed.

        6. #1. Long term mental effects are a bug to work out. The motivation of immortality is more than enough to drive a fix. Considering that *granting sentience* is one of effects one Dice, I doubt that they’re that unsophisticated when it comes to neurological effects.
          #2. Just because it someone could cut your seat belt and rig your brakes doesn’t mean there’s no point in putting one in a car. Same principle.
          #3. See bug issue above. Even if imperfect, they’d be better than aging.
          #4. The brain matter issue has not shown up in Lexx after far worse injuries, and it’s unlikely that nanites capable of coordinating and executing exotic tissue remodeling would be incapable of recognizing and avoiding brain damage. (See also answer to #1.)
          #5. Unlikely. Avoiding rejection is a prerequisite to everything else they have been shown to do.
          #6. Why would you want to remove your immortality machines anyway? I don’t think I’d mind my body being reliant on them given the effects.

  8. is it just me or dous trasik have four boobs

    1. Yes, she certainly does. Half the reason for an armored chestplate is probably so the females can support all that extra luggage ;p

  9. Trasik: “That’s not supposed to be there”… Ya think!? As evil and treacherous a b**ch as she is, I can’t help but think her bewilderment is almost cute. Still the lack of or lack of resistance from a chestplate is odd. Even so I think she’ll probably survive but be severely crippled by this. Also, about what was said about Littan law favoring the overly aggressive females, would that apply to Chel even though she’s a human? Although, Trasik is the only heiress to the family. Then again, they adopted Lexx a Rishan/human in, they could adopt Chel as well. After all, if it’s about female dominance, Chel just won over Trasik, albeit through a surprise stab through the back that she probably didn’t expect to kill or severely injure with. I wait with bated breath to see what happens next week!

    1. It doesn’t matter if she’s littan or human, they’d be sympathetic. 😉 I’m not saying anymore, because most of the above will be worked out quickly over the next few weeks.
      Adrenaline can make a person very strong, as a reminder.

      1. Quick observation: momentum + adrenalin + severely protective nature/ love + really pointy spear = “Trasik goin’ down!”

        That is all. ^_^

        1. P.S. Sorry Riley. 🙁

  10. Wow!

    I just remembered that relay dream about Chel saving Lex from Trasik. It may not be exactly how the dream went, but isn’t strange how a dream now is imitated in real life for them.

    That is one nasty spear…pike? I wonder if it was built with the intentions of Littan fighting each other and other lifeforms of the Littan world?

  11. ah Imesed up my email that why my avatar didn’t show

  12. The spears were actually there in case …. … . 😀

    1. Just about anything is probable in this case.

      Heck, depending how Littan culture set itself up. That could be it’s exact function and purpose in this case.

      Oh, and being a different culture means how they may react may be slightly or greatly different. Heh, what if Chel set herself up for being adopted by Riley’s family and it also was a stated claim as Lex as her man.

      Though whatever happens I have a feeling we might be in for another lesson of Littan culture 101 once the shock of this passes.

      What probably will be more amusing is how her dad and friend take this.

      Chel: Hey Dad! I just killed the daughter of a powerful family and sister of the person leading my rescue. Depending how the culture takes that, I may be getting of scott free.

      Dad and friend: WHAT?

      That of course was a complete dramatization. But it will be interesting to see how similar and different Littan culture is to earths.

  13. There’s not much I can add to this that hasn’t either been said or isn’t already in the comic text.

    The dramatic finality of this scene (at least for Trasik) has inspired me to start rereading the archives.

    Lexx is gonna have his arms full with all the cuddling Chel is gonna need after she realizes that Trasik is dead by her hands.

  14. I just keep thinking that the only thing worse than this is if when they get home they find out Andrea(Chel’s sister) is pregnant.

    1. 8( … That would be wierd, I’ll say that much.


      1. Sorry I did that wrong… o_o … there we go.

  15. Though Bubble above Lexx:

    I am so glad she had a gun when I first met her and not a spear.

    1. LOL! It’s funny because it looks true.
      Guns can create nasty wounds but bladed weapons can dismember.

      1. er… so can the right caliber of gun in the right place…

        1. True, so true but with a heavy bladed weapon it is easier to dismember than with a firearm.

      2. Blades can’t kill through hydrostatic shock.

  16. Not saying Trasik didn’t deserve it, but from what I do know on human anatomy and what we know about Littan anatomy, whats left of the Breastplate is holding together Trasik’s Ribcage or the littan equivalent.

    In a Human Chel would have just broken the Sternum/Breastbone which holds the Ribs in place. At that point your own skin would be hard presses to keep your ribs from springing out like a reverse Bear Trap.

    Tiff, all I can say is the fallout from this is going to be interesting to see. Though for the art in today’s comic, I would expect deperation more than cold fury on Chel’s face.

    1. The breastplate kind of ‘floats’ like the patella, held in place by muscle and isn’t as thick on a female littan. It’s not connected to any bones by ligaments. It also doesn’t cover as much area vertically, since it could interfere with baby development.

  17. Well that’s gonna leave a mark…

    1. Understatement of the moment.

    2. Trasik: Uh, does anyone have any bacitrasin? Or, a band-aid?

      1. *Trasik checks her back*
        Two band-aids?

  18. Any way you look at it, that’s gotta hurt.
    And now, the fecal matter has just impacted the rotary air circulator.

    1. Agreed, the s#!% has just hit the fan… but I like the way you said it. 🙂

  19. What’s going to happen to Trasic’s Dice?

    1. Riley’ll probably adopt them. They could do much worse for masters.

  20. … holy cats, Chel! Nice shot! And now… consequences. Yeesh.

  21. Wow. that is an interesting twist. I don’t think those spears are normal (probably high level metal and extra sharp) but still. That is a good jab on Trasik. I am not much of a fan and think Trasik deserves it, but poor Chel. She is not ready for this level of emotional baggage.

  22. I’m like holy shit! She got what she deserved though. I do hope she gets Trasic’s dice though.

    She was evil incarnate.

  23. I truly hope Trasik is dead. She was a character without any redeeming qualities and has been nothing but a pure antagonist since introduced. She has had no traits that have made her an interesting character and has done nothing but antagonize everyone she’s encountered in the comic.
    Seeing her actually die would put a smile on my face but as others have mentioned about nanites and such, I fail to believe it will be that simple.

    There is also the fact that despite being a complete and utter 8!^ch, Riley and their father will likely be most displeased about Chel killing/stabbing her.

    Regardless of the truth of her living or dying, there will be repercussions to this for Chel and Lexx.

  24. Come on folks, hurry up and donate so Tiff will post extra updates next week! I’m already dying ’cause I have to wait for Monday!

  25. how come i feel likek there is gonna be a relly big commotion soon. but i hve to thoughts
    1. i am sooooo happy she stuck the trick
    2. is tht someone is toottally gonna pay for doing tht
    3. is wow i didnt know she had it in her

  26. also wont this effect his adc contract thing tht involve interference in the game

  27. Trasik is down, the ADC leadership next?

    1. (Laughs evilly) ‘We can only hope!’ >:)
      (laughs evilly once more)

      We ALL know they deserve it!

  28. my 1st thought on seeing this was that the barbs on that spear mean the only way it’s coming out of her body is forward… that’s one wickedly drawn weapon

  29. hmmmm.. well.. Chel got her wish… but now she’s going to have to live with the consequences… now she’s murdered someone AND she interrupted the game since Lexx hadn’t officially given up yet

  30. I’ve read through the entire archive this week and get here just in time to see her run through. What timing!

  31. Okee dokee! I totally knew she’d do that. I’m not even surprised, though I bet Lexx is!!

  32. I guess Trasik getting a hug now is completely out of the question.^^

  33. Josh.C: Oooh.. that comment, in this situation, *so* made me think of Queen Nutmeg from DMFA, especially strip 789, where she tries to hug someone while having a pointy spear through her chest (kinda like Trasik)… (It’s more obvious that that’s what’s going on in the previous strip though.)
    Of course, in Nutmeg’s case it helps that she’s Fae, and as such practically immortal…

    Back on-topic, I really wonder what the consequences of this stabbing will be – but as interesting as some of the theories here in the comments are, I know that the only way to really find out is to wait and see… Hard as that is. :/

    As for the spear going through the chest-plate, one thing I haven’t seen mentioned yet is that the plate might simply be constructed for protecting against hits from the front, which might still leave it fairly weak against hits from the back. Further, protecting against blunt trauma is not the same as protecting against sharp edges/points.
    Still, at this point this is all guesswork, and all we can really do is wait and see what Tiff has in store for us…

    1. I’ve got you. 🙂 🙂

  34. I’m thinking here that is not an ordinary spear. If left laying about and unavailable for the contest, it likely to kill wild or out of control dice.

    In that case, it’s probably as lethal as thier modern tech can make it. It might even be subtly powered or nanomolectular edged or something.

    Now as to consequences, I don’t think Chel interrupted this fight at all. She did NOT get between the Dice and ?, that fight is still running – nobody died.

    I think a kidnap victim from a primitive proscribed world got out of control and killed her captor. Tragic, of corse, but then there’s a reason they’re called primitives.

  35. So what if it turns out Trassik was trying to beat Lexx to get him out of the game? Just because she seems like a cold, hearless witch doesn’t necessarily mean she IS one…

  36. I find trasik’s thought ” that doesnt go there” funny.

  37. HAHA! she will make better fetilizer than a person! cut er up reeeal good!

  38. Something isn’t right. I don’t think she’s dead. It’s too easy (though awesome) far it to be real.

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