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Day 24 Part 3

Blood dripped slowly down the blade of the spear and Trasik was still fully conscious, but stunned.  This was not what she had expected.  She had won.  The two dice who had beaten Lexx were standing on the other side of Lexx and Chel staring at her.  Neither of them made a move or any sound as they watched. Chel stumbled over herself, careful of Lexx’s mangled wings as she tried to get his attention.  He was healing quickly from his injuries and the edges of his most severely injured wing feathers were glittering with activity as they were reabsorbed and converted back to energy for use in the process.  It was like watching the last flickering embers of a fire still feeding on a lump of coal. Lexx clumsily moved his arms toward Chel.  He wasn’t fully aware of what had just happened, just that Chel was there and Trasik was no longer pulling on his hair.  Chel was saying something, but he couldn’t hear her words.  He could feel her pressing her hands lightly on his armored chest plate.  She was concerned about hurting him further, he knew that, even though most of his worst injuries had already been healed and the pain was rapidly lessening.  She wouldn’t know that. He smiled, opening his eyes to see her.  First, there was only the pale violet of the sky, then his eyes began to focus and he could move his head.  Lexx was going to push himself upright in a moment, but something else caught his eye.  Trasik was still sitting beside them, her hand fumbling down the side of her dress and into a pocket.  He squinted, trying to see what she was doing.  She raised her arm. “Chel!  Look out!!”  Riley shouted from behind Trasik.  He and Stealth were a few feet behind them and both lunged toward Trasik.

22 thoughts on “Day 24 Part 3

  1. OMG, hopefully She doesnt try to turn Chel into a die!

    1. That would violate a ton of laws and probably even a few AD regulations, so I don’t think that will happen.

      Pulling out a gun and trying to shoot Chel? Now that’s more likely!

      Although it’s also possible that Trasik has some healing nanotec in her pocket just in case.

      But yeah, Trasik’s probably armed and Lexx isn’t out of danger yet. She’s probably the “If I can’t have him no one can!” jealous types.

    2. IIRC, you can’t do that without at least /some/ kind of contract in the case of non-artificial sentients to avoid the anti-slavery laws.

  2. Hmm… what has it got in its pocketses…

    1. Perhaps it is some ‘spear’-mint gum?

      1. To chew while she contemplates this new ex-spear-ience…

        1. Bad puns! Bad! No cookie!

        2. Of course no cookie; Donut!

          *offers Eileen and O.B. Juan a selection of fattening confections*

        3. What, we’re just poking fun at the situation.

        4. And I’m just poking fun at the level of puns.

          Although, I really shouldn’t be so hard on you guys. Especially considering that I have a dry wit and lots of pun.

          So no cookie for me either.

  3. So many many things to hide in a pocket.

    Unused Dice, knife, gun, nanospray, earring marker of ownership meant for Lex. I would say the fact she’s fumbling in her pocket gives credit to a Dice she had planned to use on Chel to get even if Lex won again or an earring to claim Lex being both and something you would have to search for.

    But she’s also injured and possibly slightly panicking now. So Trasik could probably fumble around just about anything in her pocket now

  4. I thought admin said trasik was no more.

    1. doesn’t mean she can’t do more harm before she goes…

    2. This Littan is no more! She has ceased to be!
      She’s expired and gone to meet her maker!
      She’s a stiff! Bereft of life, she rests in peace!
      If you hadn’t nailed her (with a spear) she’d be pushing up the daisies! Her metabolic processes are now history!
      She’s kicked the bucket, shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-TRASIK!!

      (at least after she causes one more act of mischief)

      1. Not at all! She’s merely pining for the fjords!

  5. My brain seems to recall that some of you said Chell was a die, somehow, sooooooooooooooooooooooo maybe this is some sort of elaborate set up for Trasik to claim her. Stranger things have happened.

    1. Actually, some of us are afraid that Trasik will use a blank Master Die on Chel, turning her into a Dice and causing more problems.

  6. Dying ball of jelousy digging in pockets? This can only be bad.
    Very bad.

  7. she got a bomb just kidding

  8. Now all we need is a lady with green skin to come flying down and demand:

    “Who killed my sister?!!!!”

  9. I’m still half expecting this Trasik to turn out to be a mimic.

  10. O.B. Jaun – another Monty Python fan! No wonder you are so funny. I am eagerly anticipating the next update!!!

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