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Day 24 Part 4 Page 10

“I promise I will bring you back here as soon as they say you can return.”  Damian whispered, wrapping one arm around Chel and guiding her toward a nearby hall.  Vic followed quickly, not happy about Damian touching his daughter, but acknowledging to himself that now was not the time to yell at the tall alien. Riley and Kade were left alone.  Kade walked in a circle around his son, his steps confident and heavy with criticism.  Riley began to feel like a small child.  How often had his father made a judgement circle around him for doing something wrong?  More than he could count and none of them had ended in anything pleasant. Kade stopped on Riley’s right, not looking at him as he intoned, “We’re going to have a little discussion about inappropriate usage of family contacts, Riley.” “Yes, Sir,”  Riley squeaked an immediate response.  This was not going to be fun.  Even though he was about to have to answer for some of the things he had done, Riley was grateful that his father had finally stepped in to help him, even if it meant most of his plans were likely not to be followed.  It was no longer his sole responsibility to help Lexx as it had felt in the beginning. It was a relief.

8 thoughts on “Day 24 Part 4 Page 10

  1. Not following some of your plans is a good thing, Riley. Daddy’s had your entire lifetime to learn how to come up with better plans.

    And you’re still signed up for accountancy lessons as part of your punishment.

  2. Riley’s dad finally getting involved is a good thing.

    Now I wonder how much more Vic would flip out once he learns Damian’s Race can swap Genders at will.

    1. i think vic is already a bit shell shocked about alot of things 😛

    2. Oh, can you imagine his face? That would be really really funny! Vic might just have one of his veins explode in shock.

  3. Awesome face on Chel in the first panel. Very emotional. She looks like a poor orphan girl being led back into the orphanage after yet another escape attempt. That look of helplessness mixed with “I don’t want to be here.” 🙁

  4. Who hasn’t felt that way at times, even as an adult with your parents? They lay down the “parent lines” and you just feel like you’re eight years old again.

  5. First off, Riley, inappropriate, personal use of company e-mail accounts….
    Sorry couldn’t help myself.

  6. Ya’know…Kade’s line doesn’t quite track – it made sense at the party, since its obvious that at least some of the names on the list were supporting the anti-ADC, but Riley hasn’t done much on the interglactic scale directly since then – They rode in Damian’s ship, and used his funds. And it’s only been two days since the party, and most of that was in transit; he really hasn’t had time to do much about it, one way or the other. You don’t bawl out your kid, and then bawl him out again 2-3 days later for the same events.

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