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Day 24 Part 4 Page 2

“And from the look of it, those he calls friends are so busy trying to help him that they don’t even bother asking him what he wants.”  Vic continued speaking and much to Chel’s horror, Damian chose that time to enter the room and walk up behind Vic. Chel’s face flushed red with embarrassment and tried to glance from Vic to Damian in a way that would let her father know that someone was behind him. Vic had already heard Damian approaching, “I don’t care which one’s behind me, they need someone to set them all straight.”  Vic continued as Damian loomed over him with an expression that would rival that of a wounded puppy.  “They’re like a bunch of kids.  Where are the adults?”

15 thoughts on “Day 24 Part 4 Page 2

  1. Damian looks so sad. I WILL HUGGLE YOU!!!

    1. Agreed. The downcast face and the droopy ears. :}

  2. ouuuuuuuch. also, excellent recognizing the expression on Chel’s face and continuing with the burrrrrn

  3. Talking about someone behind YOUR back. 😀 And meaning to do it too! Vic is awesome!

    1. Poor Damien. His ears are probably burning right now! Riley and Claudia should be getting an earful of this too.

  4. I finally realised Vic is badass 😀 Do you have plans to show him in action, Tiff? I mean, when he’s not having all the action stolen by aliens?

  5. Dad has a point but I havnt scene him act very adult like either in fact the only adult like behavior I ever scene in thid comic was chel when she first met Lexx

  6. “I don’t know, Dad. Frankly I don’t think there *are* any adults in this galaxy. I mean, they still have slavery out here. Slavery! What the heck?

    “Apparently torture is legal too, because they’ve been doing it to Lexx for years. Oh, and let’s not forget that I just killed someone, on what apparently is live intergalactic television. Do they even *have* laws out here?”

    1. Haha true. “Laws? We don’t need NO STINKING LAWS!”

  7. Well… technically they are a bunch of kids… as in young adults.

    Chel: ” Are you saying that I’m more adult than most anyone here?” ‘~’

  8. Oh, buuuuurrrrrrrn! But, totally deserved, too. Vic is being such an awesome dad right now, even being a dad to Lexx, in a way, sort of defending him like that.

  9. My dad used to say that all authority is on some level assumed by the person wielding it.

    This is a perfect example.

    Nearly any of those ‘kid’s could break Vic in half – but he can cow them by the aura of personal authority he assumes.

    1. Hehe… 😀

      1. In all seriousness, Damian is likely the strongest of the group, but the least likely to hurt anyone out of anger. He’s already shown himself to be compliant to just about anyone telling him what to do and easily manipulated. 😉 Vic doesn’t know that, but he’s likely able to tell the others what to do as well and have them defer to him. Zaile would be the only one who’d grumble… sulk… and then likely do whatever he says. 😉 Of course, while Vic is vocal, he’s not going to push too hard on decisions involving things he doesn’t know a lot about – such as handling the situation up to this point. He has NO idea what happened on the planet.

    2. Yeah, good parents can just DO that. Kinda like how the arrival of parents can break up just about any party, no matter how crazy or big it is.

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