“The adults are with Lexx.”  Damian spoke slowly and motioned Vic and Chel down the hall he had just come from.  “Chel, you and your father can go in.”

Chel gave Damian a sympathetic look as they walked by, still embarrassed by her father’s words, even if they were true.  Damian was the least of Lexx’s friends she felt needing to hear it.

“At least you didn’t drug him, but-“  Vic began in an attempt to soften his words specifically for Damian.

“I’ve already been reprimanded, Sir.”  Damian looked away submissively and Vic didn’t finish his statement.  Someone had obviously beaten him to it.  Chel glanced back to see Damian hurriedly shuffling away, lacking the usual spring she was accustomed to seeing in his step.