Vic wrapped one arm over Chel’s shoulders protectively as they once again found themselves in the overly cheery and inappropriate waiting room.  Riley and Kade were talking amongst themselves about the situation.

“Riley, where is your sister?”  Kade suddenly stepped walking and turned to his son.

“I have no idea, Father.”  Riley shrugged and tossed his arms into the air.

Chel shuddered, her face screwing up with an outpouring of emotion as she burbled out, “I killed her!!”

Both Kade and Riley looked back at her with sympathy written on their faces, but Kade’s was tinged by a little more anger directed at Riley, “You didn’t tell her?”

Riley grimaced in answer.  Of course he hadn’t.  Hearing his father was nearby had necessitated a call to him first to let him know that Trasik had not been killed.  What Chel needed had been pushed completely out of his mind.