“They’re going to get away with all of this?”  A wave of realization and horror washed over Chel as what Kade and Riley were discussing sunk in.

“Yes.”  Kade sighed.

“Unless Trasik’s already dead.”  Riley suggested quickly.

“Your mother would kill me if I delivered that message.”  Kade grumbled.

“You let Trasik get away with-“  Riley scowled in the direction of his father, still annoyed that it was Trasik who had just ruined his plan of getting Lexx out of the game.  How could she mess everything up without even being there?  This was all her fault.

“Riley.”  Kade immediately shut down his son’s statement.  “There is a time and a place and they are not now or here.”  Riley went silent, clenching his jaw tightly to avoid saying anything further.