“Maybe you should tell Lexx,” suggested Sirius after a moment.

“No,”  Stealth shook her head slowly.  “I doubt he would believe us and the last thing he needs is to doubt his sanity.”

“Perhaps Riley should know.”  Serenity suggested timidly.

“Riley would ignore us,” Stealth’s ears flipped back and her brow furrowed with numerous rows of annoyed wrinkles.  “He doesn’t believe what we have to say is important.”



I had a little issue with my computer on Saturday, that ended up with me wiping it back to manufacturer specs so I could use photoshop. 9.9  Thus.. no text.. and you’re lucky to get updates at all.   I’m not sure if there will be updates or not next week, it depends on if the goal is met today.  It has $50 to go to get the M-F updates for one more week.  I’m working on books next week instead of comics at the moment, but I can change that to get those extra two pages done.

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