Stealth’s muzzle wrinkled into a slight snarl and her ears twisted back. Sirius merely looked annoyed and disappointed, while Serenity’s expression remained one of surprise. The dice had not expected to hear any such words coming from Chel’s mouth, words that implied they were things and not living creatures with minds of their own.

Going to go ahead and update this now. Frustrated with the uploader. That’s my only problem with this change, but I’ve been told that’s going to be improved. I like my pages automatically generated so I don’t choose the wrong image, which I’m likely to do. 🙁

This was, again, supposed to be part of M-F updates or more. My laptop is STILL at HP being repaired. This time, they haven’t given me ANY information on progress and it was supposed to be back to me by the 24th, which would be perfect for me to be able to get comics out without interruption. I will try to ink on my intous 3, but it’s very clunky for me to go from drawing on a screen to drawing on a pad again. I can do it with coloring, but there’s more precision required for inking. 🙁

The site is NOT staying like this, btw.

– Tiff