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“It’s all good.” Keith’s face broke with a smile. “Everyone here is an animal lover and not in a PETA way.” The dice blinked, missing the joke. Chel smiled, getting it immediately, from past conversation with Keith. One of which had concerned their mutual disgust with animal rights companies who killed more animals than they helped. Another, was simply a giggle over People Eating Tasty Animals. “Ok. Uhm, should we ask where we’re going when quarantine is over?” Chel tried to go on to a more serious topic, distancing their conversation from the prior one. “Into one of the one site living areas most likely.” Keith grinned at Chel, which bothered her. How could he be so accepting of this situation? “Then what?” “No idea,” Keith shrugged, keeping his hands positioned so that Swiftpaw wouldn’t fall his shoulders, “but they won’t keep everyone here forever.” -------------------------------------------------------------- Judging by the comments, most people got EXACTLY what Keith meant there. I shall keep my pets and eat my meat, more so now that I'm going paleo and trying to shun ALL GRAIN. I'm diabetic. Grain is pretty much killing me. I can't eat it. Corn, rice, wheat, oatmeal, barley, can't eat it! Let the food eat it, then I eat the food! Oh wait... animals fed a grain diet are NOT as nutrient rich as if they eat GRASS. Geee.. maybe we should take notes. Fresh lean/some fatty meats, lots of fresh veggies and coconut oil. This page was mostly inked on my 8 inch note and I'm not that happy with it, but it's an update. Next week's updates are going to be inked on my Yiynova :D :D - Tiff

4 thoughts on “Day-26-Part-5-Page-11

  1. Keith is an optimist I see.

  2. which translation of PETA are they not? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals translation or the People Eat Tasty Animals translation? or both?

    1. People euthanizing their animals instead of neutering? Was the most depressing part about pounds and shelters. You’d think that it’d be more cost-effective to offer free sterilyzing. ;(

  3. Keith also does not know how insande the ADC is. I would not be suprized if there was “Killcode” in the actual dice themselves.

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