Morning came faster than any one wanted it too.  The lights in the living area adjusted to half brightness, disturbing three sleeping dice.  Serenity and Sirius immediately began stirring, yawning and stretching their limbs with gentle rumbles.  Stealth buried her muzzle into a couch cushion, covering her head with her massive forepaws to further block out the light.

Sirius and Serenity perked up more when they heard the sound of tiny squeaking wheels coming their way.  A young woman in white entered the living area pushing a large metal serving cart in front of her.  Stealth ignored the newcomer, grumbling to herself, but Sirius and Serenity where immediately on their feet, licking their jowls in anticipation of what the incredibly good smells could be coming from.



Breakfast… is my favorite meal. 😀 – Tiff