“What we want isn’t always what we need.”  Vic glanced at Chel, who was still glaring at him and softened his tone, but it had to be said.  Lexx was the only one who knew his dice.  They needed him to keep them alive and Vic didn’t want to see any of them destroyed.  The very thought made him feel queasy if this conversation led to Lexx walking away.

“I don’t understand.”  Lexx responded honestly, “I don’t want to die.  I didn’t choose this life.”  He meandered, going where his emotions were taking him unchecked and uncontrolled for the moment.  This wasn’t fair.  He didn’t choose to have this life.  He did not choose to be responsible for the dice.   Why did everyone want him to be responsible for these things he did not choose, over and over again?  Why did he have to be the one to handle all the problems that had been presented to him?

“I have done nothing wrong and I think I have to deserve something I want without everyone telling me I have an obligation to die.”  Lexx stated wildly.


Yeah, the architects did NOT fix all of Lexx’s little mental flips, although they are more stable.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any of the dampers that used to help him keep his emotions in check, but he doesn’t have anyone manipulating his emotions anymore, and this is an extenuating circumstance.  – Tiff